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4 Replies to “Supplements”

    1. Dr. Kurti Kalides in Orlando is a physician who does food allergy testing. ALCAT is a good testing lab, as are some other labs. Remember though that many food sensitivities, including gluten sensitivity, does not show up on food allergy testing. Having IgG or IgE antibodies does not always mean that a person is allergic to a food, and sometimes a person is intolerant to a food even if there are no antibodies seen.

  1. Calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, the choices are endless! There is a lot of debate about which type of calcium is best absorbed in the stomach and used in the bone. Really, they are all very similar. A particular person may not tolerate one type as well, say calcium carbonate (the most common type) and then trying a different type of calcium is reasonable.

    The calcium supplement should have at least 500-600 mg and be taken TWICE A DAY. Only a certain amount of calcium is absorbed at a time, and taking a double dose of calcium once a day does not mean you will absorb the entire dose.

    The vitamin D is important to help the absorption of calcium in the stomach. The current recommended dose is 200 international units twice a day. Probably this is a conservative dose, and since studies have shown that many Americans are deficient in Vitamin D, it would be reasonable to consider taking more vitamin D. Vitamin D levels can be checked in the blood as well to guide therapy.

    Thanks for your comment!
    Dr. Vee

  2. Hi Dr. Vee .. I’ve done some research but still get confused standing in the calcium section at the health food store. So many choices and combinations out there to sort through. What are you thoughts and recommendations ?

    Pam L

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