Legal Disclaimer

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Do not delay necessary medical care.

This blogsite is meant to provide general health information for educational purposes only.   What she discusses is medical information that would be of interest to a wide variety of people.  Dr. Vee cannot and will not provide medical advice or opinions on an individual’s specific medical problem/condition/evaluation/treatment course.  Dr. Vee does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion or treatment recommendations to you or to any other individual.  The information provided here, and through links to other health sites, is not a substitute for professional medical care from a physician who can obtain the details of your medical history, examine you, determine any testing needed/done and collaborate with you on a course of treatment. 

The information on this blogsite should not be substituted for an office visit, consultation or the advice of your own physician.  Do not delay or disregard the medical advice of your own healthcare practitioner on the basis of any general medical information published on this blogsite or any sites linked to this site.  Never rely on information published in this or any other internet site instead of seeing your own physician to evaluate any medical conditions/concerns. If you have concerning symptoms or feel you have a medical problem, please consult your own physician in person immediately. 

The information on this blogsite is felt to be as accurate as possible through detailed research by Dr. Vee of evidence based medical studies.  It is as current as possible to the date of publishing.  However, it should not be considered current, complete or exhaustive. Reliance on information provided on this blogsite or any linked websites is done solely at your own risk. Dr. Vee is held harmless for any outcome, negative or positive, based on any action taken by an individual based on information provided in this blogsite.

Dr. Vee has utmost respect for the doctor-patient relationship.  She will never violate the confidentiality of her patients. No information about an indiviual patient will be provided in this blogsite.   Any similarities to patients she sees in her practice are unintentional, and should not be construed as releasing unauthorized medical information.

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