About Dr. Vandana Bhide

Dr. Vandana Bhide is board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Integrative and Holistic Medicine.  

She attended the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where she recieved her Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors.  She earned her Medical Degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.  Dr. Vee completed her residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina.  She is an Instructor in the division of Hospital Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic Florida.

Dr. Vee’s special interests include hospital medicine, integrative medicine, medically supervised weight loss, food as medicine, health and fitness, hospice and palliative care and medical journalism/ broadcasting.

Dr. Vee’s mission is to provide reliable and accurate information to patients and health professionals in an easy to understand language. 

The opinions on this site are strictly those of Dr. Vee, not Mayo Clinic. 

Please contact Dr. Vee at vbhide@bellsouth.net for speaking requests.

Last updated April 6, 2012

5 Replies to “About Dr. Vandana Bhide”

  1. Hi Dr. Vee,

    Would you email me on a certain topic?
    Would love to ask your opinion about certain probiotics and its use in children.

  2. Dear Dr. Vee

    I am working at BioSciences Research Institute, India. I read your H1N1 Swine Flu Antiviral Therapy, Neuraminidase Inhibitors for H1N1 Influenza A in High Risk Patients.

    Regarding H1N1 Swine Flu prevention treatment, i am having the same idea, i.e., Neuraminidase Inhibitors for H1N1 Influenza A in High Risk Patients, but the technique invented by me is vary from your idea. I hope my idea would be new era in Virology and for this i need Laboratory support and your guidance. And, I would be interested in working with you to see what we can do to make strides against it!

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