Early Signs of Depression and Suicide Prevention

Dr. Vandana Bhide of the Mayo Clinic appears on the WJXT-TV news4jax.com Jacksonville, Florida 10:30 PM News show to discuss some of the warning signs of depression. Anyone, especially someone who has recently experienced a serious trauma such as an accident, illness, divorce, death, is at risk for depression. Sometimes people are afraid to ask if a person is depressed or has suicidal thoughts. Studies show that people who are questioned about their depressive or suicidal thoughts are often relieved to be able to finally discuss their feelings. This show of support may actually prevent someone’s suicide. Another telltale sign of depression is when someone is no longer interested in his or her usual activities. Too much or too little sleep, weight loss or weight gain can all be seen in depressed people. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if he or she is depressed, and urge the person to seek help from a health professional.