Margin Players–Theater Fun

Photograph Columbus Theater Courtesy of Andy Helsby

Photograph Black Pelicans Courtesy of Ann Golden Asha

Tonight, I acted a play written by a local playwright–who is also a cancer doctor by profession.  Ever noticed that many people like to do something completely different from their jobs?  Like sing, dance, do triathalons? 

For me it is theater–and I had fun acting in this short play.  It was an adaptation of a Marjorie Kinan Rawlings play, The Pelican’s Shadow.  The play showed the parallel between those huge black pelicans found near the Atlantic Ocean and a pompous perfectionist scientist and husband.  Unfortunately, no pelicans flew overhead on cue during the play, but the weather was perfect on the oceanfront theater.  Lots of nice people very involved and knowledgeable about the arts.  Oh, and they can all cook! 

Sometimes it is nice to do something that is completely different than what you do every day in your “real life.”  And if you were successful at what you tried, the endeavor is even sweeter!

Last updated April 21, 2010 by Dr. Vee

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